STAFFIT - effective recruitment tool

Management Selection

In this recruitment category we provide our client with classic recruitment services for starting and mid-level positions across all professional fields: Sales, Marketing, Finance & Accounting, Logistics, IT, HR etc. With each search we use extended array of recruitment tools including corporate resume database, direct search technology, open resources and social networks, networking and adverts publication. In spite of the fact that we use the full package of recruitment and market analysis tools we offer our clients significantly democratic prices for our services.


Executive Search

In this category we provide our clients not so much with a Short List of relevant candidates for an executive level position, but rather with a full-fledged Market Overview of the corresponding industry the client operates in. In this Overview we identify and approach all the candidates fit for the position regardless of their motivation or financial expectations. In this category we treat each single assignment with great deal of flexibility not restraining ourselves by the search requirements set by the client. In our industry overviews we go much wider than what is expected by the client because we realize that the search for key executive people should not be restricted by one industry only. All our consultants have successful experience in Executive Search practice. It gives us the advantage to fulfill most complex projects in the most efficient way based on previously completed assignments and thorough market knowledge.

Executive Recruitment

In this category we provide our clients with recruitment services for top-management positions without compilation of the Market Overview. On every assignment we form a Short List of several candidates ideally meeting professional, financial and motivational requirements of the client. In each instance we use only direct search techniques and analyze relevant industry in order to approach as many relevant professionals as possible. This technique allows to place candidates for executive level positions in a much more time-efficient manner than the traditional Executive Search method. In case of Executive Recruitment the client takes primary interest only in the availability of the candidates who are most interested, most professional, most motivated, least costly and therefore most fit for the position.